a game for Moth jam 2017 #bitsyjam

you play as a kid meeting moths and such

its a bad and short game so enjoy if you even can.

update: fix the cut off bug

Made withBitsy
Tags8-Bit, Ludum Dare 39


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oh nice work! it's an intriguing world I'd love to learn more about :)

one comment: you should increase the size of the game viewport because right now the bottom is cut off which makes some parts hard to read

also I shared the game on twitter, hope you don't mind: https://twitter.com/adamledoux/status/898027080750845952 let me know if you have a twitter account you want me to attach to the post! :)

P.S. let me know if you need any help with the cut-off thing


yes i do need help with the cut off.

also , thanks!

I think if you go to your game, click "Edit Game" and scroll down to "Embed Options" you can change the viewport dimensions. You just need to increase the height of the viewport so your whole game is visible. 640 x 640 should be a safe size. The settings you need to change looks like this:

Let me know if you have any trouble! :)

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This is wonderful and chilling and eerie. I enjoyed exploring the moth kingdom and listening to their stories. Thank you for sharing this.

thanks :)